FROM: one-minute e-newsletter micenet NEW ZEALAND October, 2012

Christchurch is making a comeback with one of the world’s most reputable guidebooks cementing its status. Lonely Planet placed Christchurch at number six on its list of Top 10 Cities for 2013.

“To have such a respected world-wide publication single out Christchurch as an exciting, vibrant place to visit, is an incredible boost for our city. [It] has the potential to make a huge difference to the speed at which our tourism industry recovers,” Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism chief executive, Tim Hunter, says.

The list is published in Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel publication which profiles its pick of the world’s best destinations, trends and experiences for the coming year.

It explains that Christchurch is bouncing back with new energy and inventiveness.

“New Zealand’s second largest city is rising from the rubble … with a breath-taking mix of spirit, determination and flair,” Lonely Planet writers say. “The recovery effort is well under way and 2013 will be an intriguing year to join the rebirth of this proud southern city.’’

“We believe 2013 will be a great year to visit Christchurch and experience the amazing energy of the city in its rebuilding phase,” Lonely Planet’s Asia Pacific sales and marketing director, Chris Zeiher, says.

micenet covered the latest developments in the Christchurch rebuilding in the October/November issue. If you haven’t yet received a copy, download it for free to your iPad through this link to view artist impressions of the city’s future, info on the latest venues to reopen, and interesting details on the advertising campaign to entice Australians back to the city.

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