The Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan was launched last week to shape Brisbane’s economic development strategy for the next seven years, and has recommended business events will be a key part of the city’s plan for growth.

The action plan recommends the city will win more conferences by consistently hosting 40 international conferences per year and striving towards an average of 50,000 delegate days per month by 2022.

Part of the strategy is for Brisbane to aim to consistently earn a top 50 International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ranking city in the world.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said business events already formed a major part of the city’s economic landscape with 37 international conferences staged last year and the city achieving a city ICCA ranking of 67 worldwide.

“Brisbane’s world city ICCA ranking has averaged 76 with 32 conferences annually over the last five years and we really want the city to strive to attract more business event delegates which will mean increased support for our hotels, services and venues.”

Conventions & Business Events at Brisbane Marketing, general manager, Rob Nelson said the report identified accommodation and the visitor economy as a significant growth sector for the city with business events playing a key role.

“Business events are considered a high-yield sector with delegates spending on average five times more than an average international visitor and 46 per cent of them enjoy pre- and post-event tourism opportunities,” Mr Nelson said.