We humans are a nosy bunch. The fact that you’re reading this is evidence of that.

What savvy event planners and marketers have done is bottle up this human instinct for NEEDING to know things and integrated it into their event campaigns.

One such example is industry royalty Peter Jones AM, who was four years ago tasked with creating a networking event for AIME.

The brief specified that the event must be outdoors, fun, unique and something that hadn’t been done before.

Peter and his team decided to send out a pre-event teaser displaying an empty and non-descript park located five minutes from the Grand Hyatt, and omitted all further information.

Upon arrival, guests were treated to a two-hour pop-up party with fireworks, bands, food stands and the works. The event completely blew everyone’s expectations, all due to the clever art of withholding.

Another example was the marketing campaign deployed by KOJO at last year’s Dark Mofo festival (pictured).

Tasked with promoting event sponsor MINI Australia’s Clubman car, the team created underground member group ‘The Society’, which rewarded attendees with sold-out tickets and exclusive drinks and dining.

How did people find out about this society?

Cryptic insignia scattered throughout Hobart bearing nothing but a mobile number.

By the end of the campaign, more than 3000 people texted the number and joined the society, all before finding out MINI were behind it.

The obvious secret emerging here is to keep everything a secret.

Image courtesy of Mark Sherborne from MJS Pictures.