Since launching in 1998, BridgeClimb has led almost 3.2 million people from more than 130 countries to scale to the summit of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The company recently decided to up the ante and began crafting a number of event-themed climbs, in tune with the key festivals taking place in Sydney. This was demonstrated in the 2014 Mardi Gras Disco Climb, where climbers ascended the Bridge waving rainbow hankies in celebration of the festival and, upon reaching the summit under a glittering disco ball to some classic disco tracks.

For the upcoming Vivid Sydney festival a special night climb will be on offer, and is set to deliver a uniquely bright experience as the bridge is once again lit up by visitors with a stunning colour palette. The Vivid climb will be on offer for the full length of the festival, from May 23 to June 9, and is available in English and Mandarin.

Whether with a group of 10 or a group of 100, the BridgeClimb team are committed to creating first-class experiences and tailoring the climb to various booking sizes and requirements. To date, the largest number of people to climb the bridge in a single day is 1850 and the largest single group booking in a day is 700.

For further information contact Bridgeclimb on +61 2 8274 7775 or