As fate would have it, an unexpected position filling in as functions coordinator was the period Megan realised events were not only her passion, but talent.

Name: Megan Watmuff
Age: 23
Position: Coordinator – Conventions and Events
Organisation: All Occasions Group

My career in meetings and events began by accident. I was working in hospitality as a front-of-house supervisor in a restaurant when the functions coordinator went on maternity leave. I stepped up to fill in for her for two days a week, and started to prefer that role to my real job! I enjoyed working with corporate clients and bridal couples to create memorable events, and felt that I was good at managing the finer details which helped to complete the overall picture.
Fast forward a few years and I have completed tertiary studies in event management and marketing, and I am working in event operations for South Australia’s largest event services company, All Occasions Group. I was fortunate to land an interview for the job through contacts in the industry, and will always be grateful that such a wonderful opportunity became available to me.
In my role of coordinator for conventions and events, I am busy managing conferences and events for a range of clients. I enjoy working on different events simultaneously; it stops me from getting bored as there is always something new to sink my teeth into and new challenges to embrace.
Adelaide’s event industry is relatively small compared to the eastern states, so there is a great team environment between businesses here, which I love being a part of. I am fortunate to have met many influential figures in the industry that I can learn from as my career develops. I am also involved in the South Australian branch of YMEA, and I am connecting with other young professionals who share my passion for the industry.
Conference organisers are always ‘on’ and work can get very busy, so in my spare time I love to relax by walking my beagle Kobie and being outdoors. Adelaide has some great wine regions close by that I try to make the most of too!
I am lucky to work with a great bunch of people, and am proud to tell people where I work and what I do. The beauty of working in events is that every day is different, and as long as that is still the case I’m looking forward to a long career doing what I love.
Supervisor’s Comment: “Megan is an outstanding operator and valued team member who joined the All Occasions Group in 2009. The attributes she convinced us she had were a calm manner, the all-important high attention to detail, organisational skills, and experience and intelligence to deal with the intricacies, issues and technological challenges in this fast-paced and ever-changing conference management environment.
“She has proven we made the right choice time and time again, and can be held directly responsible for retaining and creating a number of our repeat clients, nurturing these relationships and ensuring their conferences create new benchmarks each year.”

– Merilyn Dayman AMM CEM, operations manager, All Occasions Management

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