AucklandAuckland has won an international bid to host the 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering, to be hosted for four days in December 2017.

Auckland Convention Bureau (ACB) manager, Anna Hayward, said around 200 delegates from across the Asia Pacific region are expected to attend the event.

“The value of this conference to Auckland is approximately $255,000 in tourism spend and $266,000 in economic impact,” Ms Hayward said.

“The University of Auckland will host the conference and won the bid with assistance from Tourism New Zealand’s Conference Assistance Programme (CAP) bid fund. They worked with our team at the bureau to put together their presentation and proposal.”

Professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Yacht Research Unit from the University of Auckland, Richard Flay, is excited about his wind engineering colleagues coming to Auckland for the conference, where they will collaborate on how wind can benefit mankind and the environment.

“The event has never been held in New Zealand before and I know it will be a great success. We are in the process of designing a new state-of-the-art wind tunnel for the University’s Newmarket Campus and we will be proud to show the completed facility to delegates when they come in December 2017.

“We have urged delegates to bring their families and to spend some holiday time here before returning home, and we will continue to work with the Auckland Convention Bureau to make the most of this opportunity,” Mr Flay said.