PCO Association president Barry Neame says the professional development of the conference industry sector remains the number one priority for the PCO Association.

Neame said: “For a second year, the PCO Association is actively supporting Martin College’s efforts to develop the skills of students who are studying events. The association has been providing opportunities for PCOA members to train future industry professionals by offering work experience opportunities to capable Martin College students.”

“A group of mature and very capable Martin students, based at the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney campuses have been keenly embracing the opportunity to help PCOA members manage an event. The students are able to contribute to the event and fulfil college assessment tasks.

“Work experience participation in event project/planning is being used for all assessment of students for this unit of study.”

If you are able to offer a work experience opportunity to train future industry professionals please log onto http://pco.asn.au/opportunity-for-pcoa-members-to-train-future-industry-professionals/

Martin Students are also keenly embracing the opportunity to further their education by logging onto the PCOA educational webinars.

Some participants of the webinars are in-house associations and corporate practitioners, to whom the Martin Students are also keen to engage with.