By Stu Katzen, owner and creative director, Eventify

As one himself, Stu Katzen isn’t saying event planners are odd.But they are a little bit different.

Is your significant other, or are you an events person and if so, do you know what it’s like living with one? Yes, the table is always perfect, your clothes are meticulously folded, you have a votive for any occasion, you pretty much have enough frequent flier miles to circumnavigate the globe eight times, and there is always a bottle of champagne on arrival at any hotel.

And while the above may be great, there is also a down side. There is no such thing as “just a party”. Any show, gala opening, dinner party or wedding is scrutinized and critiqued mercilessly. The fact that an event planner is more organised than a museum curator can sometimes grate. And forget about making plans for the weekend because they do not exist. Nor does leaving the house to go out without at least three rollaway bags, four folders and eight lanyards. So what are some of the issues that define living with or dating an events person? Have a read and see if you notice either yourself, or your significant other nodding in agreement:

Communication – not too much talking the night before an event – Stress and long conversation simply don’t go together. So the night before an event is NEVER the right time to have any one of THOSE conversations (you know what I mean).

Music you can NEVER play at home – An event planner hears a lot of the same songs over and over again. If you want to listen to them, you’ll be doing it in your car ALONE. They include, but are not limited to: Boogie Wonderland, Don’t Blame it On The Boogie, Murder On The Dance Floor and any Michael Jackson song.

Dining out is an audition – An event planner is always on the lookout for talent in the kitchen or a new place for a client, so you will get to eat at every new, fabulous and “in” restaurant in town. However, a meal is never simply to be eaten. It’s consumed with the question of what client would love this dish. Every restaurant is appraised and sized for groups, VIPs and the service rated on a score card (usually at the restaurant).

Planning a night out – If you’re the one planning a special night with an event planner, you need to think of every detail the way they would or they will spend the entire time thinking about how it could have been done better, the lighting made more flattering, the music just 5db louder/lower, or should they have worn the other outfit?

Event planners like to be in control (Really?) – They’re not being bossy, it’s just a side effect of the job. So partners, build that bridge and deal!

Your home will run like a well-oiled machine – If you take your relationship with an event planner to the next level and move in together, be advised your home life will be finely orchestrated. Most event planners translate their attention to detail and ability to rally the team into a very peaceful existence at home provided there is a weekly production meeting and regular WIP’s on who does what, when and how. Hey, at least the place will sparkle. You are also guaranteed to have a great looking place styled in the latest furniture and colours.

This job has no hours – Event planning is the type of profession that doesn’t have traditional hours. There will be late nights and early mornings. Say goodbye to weekends and spontaneous getaways. Your partner will sometimes be working around the clock and get weird calls at strange times, which brings us to…

You can’t be the suspicious type – It’s not unusual for event planners to get calls at strange hours requesting their presence. It’s also not unusual to hear them using such sobriquets as “darling”, “gorgeous”, “sweetie” and “of course you are amazing” when they are not talking to you. FYI this also applies to texting. Sometimes your event planner may even work with some top names in entertainment and flirting is all part of the game, so…. cool the jealousy, it’s just being on the job and doesn’t mean anything!

No, they can’t / won’t turn off the phone – Those blinking lights may very well disturb sleep rhythms, but you’ll just have to get used to it. Texts at inopportune times and putting up with phrases like “I have to take this” or “I need to call my client” are all part of the job. To stop this you most likely will have to pry that phone out of your beloved’s (dead) hands.

They turn it on and off – Event planners are usually very personable. It’s how they land clients and build relationships that translate into money and work, but they also need to be able to fade into the background and make the party or conference seem like it’s effortless. This takes a special personality (no, not a disorder). Don’t be surprised when you experience that masterful duality used in your relationship as well. It keeps things fun, doesn’t it?

They give it all – If you’ve ever dated an event planner or someone in the hospitality industry, you know they give everything to the client. That may leave very little for you some days. You might want to get a hobby.

They may have difficulty slowing down – You know who you are!

Event planners are mostly, fabulous, passionate people, but being in their shadow can sometimes be lonely. However, if you can cope with all of the above and see it for what it is you will be lucky enough to have a creative person in your life, who will rearrange your living room on a semi-regular basis.