TAIWAN W Taipei has teamed up with Taiwan Design Center to re-produce recycled waste into new products, in a move to minimise the environmental impact caused by the hotel’s plastic waste.

Directed by Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB), the Trash Re-Design TDC X W TAIPEI project aims to tap into the creativity of local designers to transform used plastic bottles and bath accessories produced by the hotel into green materials, applying these materials into new products that can be re-used by the hotel.

W Taipei has been encouraging customers to reduce and recycle materials in a dedicated bin, with waste then recycled by global innovator Miniwiz’s assistance. Water bottles are one of the chosen items for the project because of the use of more than 300,000 bottles used in the hotel every year.

“This is a truly win-win sustainability practice for our guests and our hotel,” W Taipei general manager Cary M. Gray said.

The green design project combines material science, innovation and design, mass production, and international marketing channels, making it the first interdisciplinary cooperation in the country. Eight elected design teams have joined a four-month workshop in May to develop new designer products based on the needs of the hotel, and preliminary results will be presented in September at the Taiwan Design Expo.