January 28, 2022 | By Graeme Kemlo | Image credit: ABC News

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews believes the next step in the war on COVID will be for Victorians to require three doses of vaccine before getting their green tick as “fully vaccinated”.

At his press conference yesterday, Andrews said he was not yet prepared to declare Omicron had peaked, however earlier this week Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Brett Sutton tweeted “Booster blitz going great guns. Peak in cases very likely behind us. ICU cases and deaths haven’t peaked, but will hopefully stabilise soon”.

Hospitalisations and new infections both appear to be trending down, and Andrews said he was waiting for public health officials to make the call on a requirement for three vaccinations, but he reiterated his stance a number of times during a media conference outside his office Thursday.

“We all need to get three doses; it is not two and a bonus, it is three doses,” he said.

Congratulating more than 90 per cent of eligible Victorians who had lined up to be double vaccinated, he said: “It is a very personal decision….not just for yourself, but for everybody…it’s a very generous thing”.

He also took a swipe at the unvaccinated.

“They had choices and had made their choice – the wrong choice, but it is not too late.”

The relative lack of influenza infections in the community over the past two years could mean flu returns alongside COVID this winter to affect thousands, he said.

“We don’t know what is around the corner…all we can do it follow the science and the logic and stick with the things we know.”

Full vaccination – currently defined as two doses – is required to attend most events and hospitality settings in Victoria.