Can you help us achieve better results year on year but with less money? That’s the big squeeze that’s happening all around the country as event budgets get smaller but demand for outcomes become more intense.


Technology provides the answer to both of these challenges and will have a huge impact on event trends in 2013.

think digital!

With clever event design and pre-production you can ensure maximum impact for minimum dollars. Consider a digital set instead of the more traditional hard set structure. Digital sets enable you to completely transform the look and feel of a room with brand new backdrop imagery that can change instantly and continuously, instead of paying for additional equipment, theming and styling when moving from a conference look into a dinner.
Repurposing your conference AV is going to earn you a better return on investment so choose an AV provider that thinks creatively on your behalf as event design is key to maximising budget and achieving a more effective spend per delegate.

immerse your guests in your event experience

With the advancements in projector intensities, 3D projection mapping has been an exciting influence and trend which has dramatically improved the impact at events. Sydney’s VIVID festival and major world events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Festival this year have shown audience’s love of this effect.
Being an incredibly versatile medium for an array of event types, it essentially changes the guests’ perception via the creation of a digital scene that develops a life of its own. It is a tool that can catapult a fairly standard product launch into an exceptional immersive experience for attendees.
The multimedia content used in 3D projection mapping is imperative; it must be created in a collaborative effort ensuring that key messages are delivered in a brand new way inciting raving fans. Just remember, content is king with this medium and the possibilities are endless!

personal connection through mobile devices

Event apps will continue to advance, with a focus on creating a personal connection. Being able to search for and connect with people at events is the key to boosting networking opportunities.
We have recently introduced an event app, allowing you to take notes, send/receive instant feedback on sessions for real time graph creation and voting that can appear on screens at the event. The functionality is only set to increase in 2013.