September 22, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

Despite considerable freedoms expected to be granted to vaccinated people by the year’s end – including, potentially, international travel – the City of Sydney has scrapped the 9pm fireworks for Sydney’s iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations due to pandemic concerns.

On the City of Sydney’s website, the explanation of the cancellation this far out cited the planning process for a large-scale event.

“For an event the scale of Sydney New Year’s Eve, contracts are signed and money spent months in advance. The difficult decision had to be made to follow the State Government’s 2020 event for a limited, Covid-safe New Year’s Eve.

“The fireworks always generate very large crowds and the two separate displays result in the cross over of large numbers of people leaving for one show and arriving for the next.

“In the current climate, limiting this mixing of crowds will ensure the event can be managed in the most Covid-safe way for all attendees and staff.

“We are advised that it is likely the delta virus will still be circulating in the community to some extent come the end of the year, so our plans will allow the event to remain resilient in the face of the changing health situation and Public Health Orders.”