The 15th National Steadfast Convention brought a super-sized gala event to ATP in May with 2800 guests dining in the Exhibition Hall over two nights.

Event management company, All Occasions, coordinated the event and created two different experiences in the hall for the broking firm, Steadfast Group. With creative catering, state-of-the-art technical equipment, entertainment concepts, and a unique venue, guests experienced two very different evenings at Australian Technology Park.
Laissez-faire Catering were responsible for creating not just the event’s food and beverage menu, but table design, centrepieces and linen.

The first night saw the three course dinner delivered as a family-style meal encouraging conversation over sharing food. Laissez-faire used rectangular tables, dressed using white and natural colours. The second night was a complete change with oval tables, black linen and an exclusive three course alternate-serve gala dinner.
Each night the wines matched the food, and on the first night staff wore all black, while on the second they wore black and white. Additionally, two very different entry points were created each night to match the style of the evening ahead. Director of sales and marketing at ATP, Ruby Chronis, said the Steadfast Gala Dinners showed how diverse the exhibition hall can be.

“The beauty of the Exhibition Hall is that it has the ability to be transformed for all types of functions,” she said.
“The two Steadfast Gala Dinners were perfect examples of how with the right equipment, decorations and food ATP and Laissez-Faire can cater to clients’ needs and ensure each event is unique to the company and achieve the atmosphere they are looking for.”