February 15, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier

Mega venue Sydney Showground will donate funds from new client events to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW RAS Foundation which offers financial support to education, training, and community development in regional and rural areas.

The Royal Agricultural Society is the not-for-profit parent company of the venue, with the RAS Foundation being its charitable arm.

Funds from business events will go towards the RASF Community Futures Grant or Rural Scholarships programs, which support community projects or help students from the country attend higher education.

“In celebration of the RAS’ bicentenary this year, we have decided to bridge the gap between our award-winning event venue and our organisation’s role as custodians of Australian agriculture,” said Andrew Roberts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sydney Showground.

“Not many people realise Sydney Showground is run by the RAS with the intent of investing profits from each event back into agriculture and our rural communities. This incentive is a great way for us to share the incredible work the RASF does and provide an opportunity for our clients to give back whilst also running a successful event.”

The size of the donation to the foundation will depend on the size of the event, but may run up to $25,000.