September 6, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier

Last week Sydney Showground hosted 1,400 dinner guests across two incentive gala dinner events associated with the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Global Conference which saw 5,000 delegates meeting at ICC Sydney.

Sydney Showground’s culinary team served up more than half a tonne of curry, 17,300 canapes and 4,000 desserts alongside baking bread for more than 1,000 attendees.

The two dinners were hosted by companies from India who had brought large numbers of staff to Sydney for the MDRT conference.

“It is fantastic to see the international event industry gaining momentum and to witness the flow on effect a large international conference like MDRT has on the industry,” said Sydney Showground’s director of sales and marketing, Andrew Roberts.

“To get back into the game of incentive dinners is a very positive step for our venue. The teamwork required to successfully welcome, seat and serve over a thousand people is spectacular. It demands a strong service team and countless chefs working simultaneously to deliver a successful event.

“A big congratulations to our head chef, Tim Browne, and director [of] food and beverage, James Farr, for delivering a magnificent experience that will resonate with guests as they conclude their time here in Sydney.”

Both events were delivered in The Dome, a pillarless 7,200m2 space at Sydney Olympic Park, where Sydney Showground is located.