A survey conducted by London venue BMA House has indicated a significant desire by event planners to improve their work/life balance. The survey, which was responded to by 229 planners and delegates, found that 68 per cent of organisers want a better work/life balance, and 87 per cent believe that more people should be offered the opportunity to work from home in the long term.

While BMA House did not specify where the respondents were from, we can assume a lot of them were from the UK. Would an Australian survey yield similar results? We’ve caught up with a fair few people from the industry and while some are suffering from cabin fever, others have appreciated the extra time indoors and used it to acquire new skills, broaden their creative horizons and extend their learning through webinars. Could an improved work/life balance across the industry lead to better event professionals, and therefore better events? Let us know what you think at digital1@btp.net.au.