The luxury brand requested for a team-building activity that would get delegates to work as a team as well as understand the Asian market for developing the brand’s business strategy, while having fun simultaneously. After nine months of careful planning, EAST WEST PLANNERS came up with a city rally concept termed “Unlock Singapore”, which offered delegates a chance to experience the different aspects of Singapore that many business travellers rarely get to see. The activity, executed over three hours comprised a mix of business, cultural and unity tasks. Delegates bonded over challenges that aimed to sharpen their keen business sense and increase their knowledge of the local market and the Asian culture.


One of the objectives of the team-building activity was to get delegates acquainted with each other. With a large and diverse group of 300 delegates and a short time frame, EAST WEST PLANNERS divided the delegates into 30 teams of 10. These groups were sent to 10 different districts of Singapore that included the aspects of business, culture and unity. The sites were proposed with corresponding activities according to their requirements, with several site inspections carried out to finalise them.
To ensure that the components of business, culture and unity were met, cross-functional activities were created within the districts.

The seamless flow of the activities were further ensured by hiring additional manpower; 50 polytechnic students undertaking hospitality, tourism management and event management courses were screened and trained extensively in the weeks prior for the task.
The brand also wanted to ensure that iPods given out to delegates would be used in the Unlock Singapore programme. Hence, the iPods were used as a clue guide in the rally, where brain teasers on Singapore needed to be decoded to reveal future destinations and tasks to achieve


EAST WEST PLANNERS created activities within districts that offered a balance of business and culture. For one team assigned to Chinatown, its business task was to find three volunteers willing to do something extraordinary for a brand voucher, complete Chinese calligraphy painting as part of a culture task, and end with a tai chi session at Chinatown Square. Another team assigned to the Marina Bay district had to find and film three styles on the street of Singapore that would reflect how its store staff would look like in 2020 (business), make Chinese Lanterns with red packets (culture), and end with a tai chi session at the sheltered area beside Mist Walk.

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Other cultural tasks:

  • Eating Malay food by hand
  • Dressing up in traditional Indian sari and dhoti
  • Playing top-spinning or “chapteh”
  • Tropical fruit sampling
  • Making garlands
  • Making dumplings

Through the activity, delegates thoroughly enjoyed themselves while successfully gaining insights into the local culture and business climate of Singapore.