A successful ski season saw a significant boost in international arrivals throughout August and provided a much-needed lift for the local tourism industry.

Arrivals were up 6.2 per cent for the month compared to 2012 and total arrivals were up 0.9 per cent for the year. Australian arrivals topped the list, with more than 100,000 visitors in August – up 4.7 per cent for the month and 1.3 per cent for the year.

“The growth we are seeing across the majority of offshore markets is a fantastic result, with the increase during the month continuing the strong trend that began at the beginning of 2013,” says Tourism New Zealand chief executive, Kevin Bowler.

“The growth in August holiday arrivals is significant and will have delivered increased value to the industry given holiday visitors tend to stay longer and spend more while they’re here.”

The ski season also saw continued growth from traditional long-haul markets. Holiday arrivals from the UK were up 25.9 per cent, USA up 14.7 per cent and Germany up 10.1 per cent for the month of August.

China also supported its increase in holiday arrivals during August (up 29.9 per cent) with a strong increase in holiday stay days, up 32.4 per cent for the month.

“A key focus of our work in China has been to encourage visitors to stay longer and do more while they are here – so this is very pleasing to see,” Mr Bowler said.

The strong growth across leading markets in August follows Tourism New Zealand’s recent release of the latest edition of the 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand advertising campaign, with new campaign activity underway to support sustained growth over the coming months.