A new partnership has introduced a solution to the back and forth of correspondence taken to schedule face-to-face meetings.


With exhibition season running on high (although, isn’t it always?) I imagine you’re trying to coordinate meetings at Victoria Meeting Mart, AIME, business trips, and all the roadshows in between. And with so many emails going between you and your contacts, (they can do Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, but you can only do Monday afternoon – or was that Tuesday?), a new social-media-saviour has entered the market so you may both divide and conquer your schedules.
Of course it takes two business-savvy organisations who know how hectic our diaries are with events and business meetings to create a simple system that makes life so much easier.
Jo-Anne Kelleway of well-known company Info Salons has partnered with LinkedIn co-founder, Eric Ly of Presdo, to make face-to-face meetings far simpler to coordinate.
The partnership will utilise Presdo’s two event networking platforms: Presdo’s shared online calendar, and Presdo Match’s networking capabilities. Combining Info Salons’ registration platforms and Presdo’s profile and schedule management strategy, attendees can track down perfect business contacts, sync their calendars to schedule meetings, be far more efficient with their time, and effective with their networking.
Presdo is a service that takes the fuss out of finding the best time to get together with others. Unlike a calendar program that only shows your events with times that are already determined, Presdo allows you to propose up to three times for any event, collect replies, and then confirm a good time for everyone involved.
Presdo Match is a network that allows attendees of events to create profiles and make new contacts based on matched fields, professions or interests, and coordinate face-to-face meetings. Exhibitors and sponsors can market their companies within the social network, and attendees can recommend each other.
Info Salons then uses its registration platforms with Presdo Match’s profiles to provide analysis of attendee and exhibitor activity, garnering information on attendance, sponsorship revenue, and create the opportunity for optimised experiences and networking.
“Info Salons’ corporate mission has always been about connecting event content with event communities globally,” says Jo-Anne Kelleway.
“By integrating Presdo Match to our suite of registration applications it allows us to provide a comprehensive, deeper profile of exactly who is behind each of those touches.”

Peter Rowland