February 28, 2022 | By Warwick Merry

As an industry, we are ready for live events.

Venues are ready with extra protocols and extra space to ensure people are as safe as possible.

AV crew are ready with extra techy treats and tricks to bring the events to life.

Event organisers are ready with extra processes and extra agility to make the event work.

Where are the people?

We need our Ring Master or Ring Mistress out in the middle shouting, “Roll up, roll up!” to get people in the room.

Anecdotally, our delegates are feeling a little nervous. There are quite a few of them thinking “Eww…people!” So, we need to do a few extra things to get them back.

Let them know it’s safe

While we can’t guarantee ANYTHING 100 percent, we can let them know what we are doing to keep them safe and therefore help delegates feel safe. Be it extra space, planned networking areas, outdoor elements, air exchange rates – whatever it takes so they know they will be as safe as they can be.

Be ready to flip online

It’s not just about being ready to flip online but also let the delegates know what will happen in that unlikely event. Decision dates are also good to have. This is about our delegates having some sense of control over what will be happening.

Build the buzz

You know how when young kids fall over, if you are quick you can distract them from crying? We need to do the same here. If the buzz is big enough then the excitement of the event will distract them from their fears around it. What can you do to build the buzz? Maybe some short videos from the guest speakers inviting them to come along, online industry update sessions, pre-event virtual networking sessions to start the connection, or event podcast interviews with key industry professionals.

Be gentle

As we have learnt from two years of the pandemic (and all of our event experience), humans can be delicate at times. We don’t want to scare them off. So be gentle. Focus on attraction and not forcing them. Do what it takes so your event stands out so they can’t help but want to attend.

It’s time to get our delegate magnets on and attract people back to our events.

What will you be doing to help them “roll up, roll up!” and see the greatest show on earth?

Warwick Merry is a certified speaking professional, dual certified virtual presenter and award-winning virtual event host. He hosts and produces online events globally.