A corporate social responsibility (CSR) program launched in the Hunter Valley should sit well with the corporate market.

The program, designed by the Hunter Valley Convention Bureau, aims to assist organisations reach their CSR goals and at the same time support local charities, community and environmental programs.
Recognising that many organisations take their CSR role very seriously the Hunter Valley Convention Bureau’s CSR program will leave a legacy in the Hunter Valley that will remain long after delegates have returned to their offices and homes.
“We have observed that organisations are increasingly looking for these type of opportunities as team-building exercises,” said former business tourism marketing manager at the bureau, Ruth Appleby.
“They seek out opportunities to contribute to the sustainability, greenness and welfare of the local community in which they are meeting. Instead of spending the afternoon playing golf or tasting wine together, some organisations may prefer to participate in programs such as the Wyndham Estate Riverbank Rehabilitation project by planting trees or carp fishing or ‘Tikes on Bikes’ – where a team of participants assemble new bikes which are then donated to a local charity to distribute to needy children.
“Instead of giving costly gifts to guest speakers or promotional gifts to delegates, as has often been the practice in the past, organisations now look for opportunities to make a donation to a local charity instead.”
Ms Appleby said the Hunter Valley Convention Bureau anticipates the program will be flexible with various projects being added or deleted as needs change.

Details of the current program can be found on www.winecountry.com.au/conferences/corporate-social-responsibility-programme.