Interview by BRAD FOSTER

One of Australia’s leading event management companies, Directions Conference & Incentive Management, believes change is good, particularly when it comes to meetings and incentives. Brad Foster asks Directions’ Michael Walker why?

What are the benefits of travel for groups. IE – why do meetings and incentives work?

A: Organising a meeting or incentive program away from the office allows a company to hone in on building relationships with its audience. At the same time, a company communicates its objective with greater impact – the message becomes personal and high touch.

Q: What does holding an event in a different location or destination do to a team’s dynamic?

A: Location is everything. Taking your staff somewhere for a meeting or incentive inspires, excites and creates a unique bond for the participants. Companies always find that a little change creates ripples of productivity and creativity.

Q: Could they get the same result in a CBD hotel?

A: Absolutely. Designing the right meeting or conference program is very important. Working closely with the venue can also lead to great results. There is no doubt about it, the key to change is doing things differently.

Q: Why should groups seek out new destinations?

A: Conference and incentive groups benefit greatly from a fresh approach. A new destination offers the excitement of the unknown; it creates a team culture that inspires change and positive results for any organisation.

Q: How can a different culture alter group behaviour?

A: Incentive program participants gain cultural awareness and acquire life-long memories. A company aligns the event with its CSR policies, creates team cohesion and breaks down business barriers. After all, embracing change is one of the joys of group travel.