The fuel behind Pacific World’s strategic expansion into South Korea is the
discerning customer’s appetite for fresh and exotic destinations.


What is the outlook of MICE in the two markets you are responsible for?

I am responsible for the Pacific World operations in both Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is constantly reinventing itself to become more attractive in the marketplace with new developments. It is an on-going effort to make clients understand the wonders that tiny Singapore can offer for both business and leisure. As for Malaysia, the rising government investments in infrastructural projects, attractive luxury destinations and hype in the food sector are expected to generate tourism growth.  Malaysia is also attractive due to its sheer diversity of destinations, from the high-tech city of KL, tropical islands, to numerous pristine beaches and the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. Overall, it remains a pressing year for industry players to continue to balance clients’ increased demand for quality and expectations for value.

What are some trends in the MICE industry that you have witnessed recently?

The demand for meetings is on the rise; although companies are not splurging, luxury venues are not being ruled out either. The traditional space setting is being replaced by more innovative approaches and different kinds of seating; the focus is on creating conducive settings. Requests for unique and customised packages are high on demand; clients are looking for exotic destinations that offer great value and a relaxed atmosphere with facilities for meetings and recreational opportunities.

In your opinion, which Asian market is likely to be the next ideal MICE destination and why?

South Korea is really hot right now; it has firmly established itself as a leading global MICE destination with its increasingly fast-moving and modern capital. To position itself as MICE-friendly to international visitors, South Korea has undertaken significant upgrading and advancements in its transport, traffic and communication network. The state-of-the-art Korea International Exhibition Centre is the fifth largest exhibition space in Asia. With excellent tourism infrastructure and cosmopolitan environment, the city’s multi-faceted characteristics appeal to international travellers.

What is Pacific World’s expansion or growth strategy this year? What are some plans in the pipeline?

We have recently opened to new destinations such as South Korea, Monaco and France. We will continue to find ways to offer something fresh and new either through our presence in emerging MICE destinations or through our ability to access unique venues and places that people cannot access on their own.