Redesigned, ramped up and technically advanced, photo booths have seen a makeover and are unleashing the extroverts.

With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter bringing out the extrovert in us all, it’s not surprising to find that photo booths are making a statement at corporate events. They bring out the poser in delegates and really add life to the event. With technological innovation, the humble photo booth can now go beyond just snapping a photo, with the ability to print company logos onto the images, featuring custom-designed wallpaper, instantly posting shots to Facebook, or uploading them to a private online gallery for posers to download. These new capabilities increase the chances of the event, message or brand being perpetuated through the world wide web, creating additional brand exposure. Americans are all over photo booths at the moment, with even VB Beetles, trailers and phone booths fitted with the snappy equipment.

three photo booths for your event


uBooth turns the photo booth inside-out, unleashing guests from the confines of the box to express their full personalities. By knocking down the walls and installing professional lights, there’s no half-in-half-out shots of arms and legs trying to cram inside the box. The remote control allows guests to sidle up to the camera and push the button as they pose away for all-new selfies. uBooth also provides high resolution images on USB and a bunch of other fun extras.

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In The Booth

The queen of photo booths, In The Booth has designed and beautified the traditional photo booth, giving it a glamorous red velvet curtain and white exterior. Snap-happy guests can instantly see their faces printed out on a strip or in full size ready to take home. For the budding movie stars, In The Booth also takes 15 second videos for guests to leave to their party hosts. Perhaps a good option as a confessional at the office Christmas party? It can also add logos and design themes to your images, provide a booth assistant to get those smiles going, and an HD DVD slideshow after the event.

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Happy Booth

Happy Booth is the Gen Y of photobooths. It widens the walls, adds some cute and quirky props, and ramps up the production quality with professional lighting. But most importantly, it allows guests to instantly post their images to Facebook, or email them to their friends. This is perfect for the social-media savvy brands out there. There’s an iPad app in the works that allows attendees to scroll through the images and instantly tag themselves on Facebook.

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