By Brad Foster

Nectar Creative Communications director Peta Moore is adapting to this new world we find ourselves in, underwriting the Virtual Cleantech Conference & Exhibition which will run over three half days in November.

The event is an extension of the Cleantech Conversations webinar series, and will be delivered by the Australian-based virtual event platform OnAIR, developed by EventsAIR in the weeks after the seriousness of COVID-19 was realised.

Ms Moore said the event focuses on low emission technology – a strong focus of the Australian government, particularly as it is designed to aid the COVID-19 recovery.

The event has been designed to deliver the vital personal connections you make at physical events via networking opportunities, interactions with speakers and other attendees as well as face-to-face meetings with exhibitors.

Program director, Tiffany Bower said: “We know that virtual cannot replace in person events – but this event will absolutely be the next best thing,”

“With the challenges facing us today, not only from the pandemic but also from the impacts of climate change such as fires and floods, the theme of Cleantech: Fast-tracking sustainable growth is more relevant than ever, meaning we need to move quickly and together as a unified cleantech sector. The conversations that will happen at this event couldn’t wait till next year, that’s why we are going virtual.”

Learn more about the event by clicking here.