What are the top 3 things you will do after lockdown?

We’re in a unique situation here in Vanuatu with no confirmed cases of Covid-19 we’re not locked in… but there are no tourists!  So, when our borders open up, I’ve no doubt the first place I’ll be is work!  I’m so excited at the prospect of seeing the smiling faces of our beautiful guests who will, I’m sure, be eager for a well-deserved break!

In the meantime, here at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu we’re focussing on keeping the resort beautiful for the return of our guests, including general maintenance, working on our tans and polishing the coconuts 😉

What are your favourite things to do at home to keep you sane/happy?

I’m sure my tourism friends in Vanuatu would all agree we currently have a lot more free time!  I’m currently using the increase in time at home to try and get fit, we’re very lucky that our gyms recently re-opened to help us shift the results of all my isolation baking!

In Vanuatu, lots of tourism operators are staying afloat by catering to the domestic market, so there are some great bargains out there at the moment!  I’m enjoying getting out into the community and visiting other resorts and tourism operators, not just to help our industry, but to take advantage of the many amazing attractions Vanuatu has to offer.  So far, I’ve been on staycations, a pottery class and scuba diving and have been spoilt for choice.

What new skills are you learning?

I’ve become the queen of fermenting (thanks Google!).  So far, I’ve made Kombucha, a sourdough starter (I’m working up to the actual bread… it looks very hard), sauerkraut and am in the process of making a fermented hot sauce.

My most impressive new skill would be acquiring increased patience (it’s a work in progress). This experience has taught me that so many things are out of our control and the only thing we can do is make the best of the situation.