What are the top 3 things you will do after lockdown?

Enjoying long chilled out lunches with friends; Hugs to anyone  and everyone who wants one! Catching up with all our Industry mates – how good is that first event/famil going to be!

What are your favourite things to do at home to keep you sane/happy?

Walking the esplanade at Cronulla with our boxer, Luna (she apologises for squinting in the pic but she left her sunnies at home!) Bizarrely, during all this madness we packed up and moved into our new abode.

What new skills are you learning?

We’re rediscovering Canasta (it’s a card game for any of you Philistines that don’t know..) and, like Michael Walker, I too have committed to learning a new language, although I suspect that my German is as far along as his French is.. I think we’ll both be fluent by the time we can get in that “big bird in the sky” and fly over there again!