micenet is supporting a new online series launching next week because it’s different and relevant to our sector.

‘The Event Sessions’ is being described as a mini-series that offers the chance to engage in more than a soundbite, podcast or zoom call.

Instead, the 10-minute episodes provide a refreshing lens into varying concepts with deeper, more meaningful conversations on how to arm our industry with inspiration and direction during turbulent times.

The Event Sessions offer a refreshing break from low fi webinars and zoom conferences, with high quality visuals produced and directed by industry veterans with strong creative vision and expertise.

From creative enlightenments and futurists, to growth opportunities and current commercial challenges, no stone is left unturned.

Supported by micenet, Committee for Melbourne and Atlantic Group, the series offers deeper insight into conversations, firing debate and triggering discussions surrounding the distinct challenges within the events industry.

Presented by Ant Hampel, founder of Alive Events Agency and Jen Trethewey, author and change agent, the topics are relevant, the questions are unique, and the answers are tangible.

“The Event Sessions offers real insights into trending topics across the events industry with high quality production values. This is content by the events industry, for the events industry,” says executive producer Ant Hampel.

“In contrast to the explosion of webinars, zoom calls and other content currently filling the online medium, The Event Sessions present an informal round table, desired to answer the burning questions about the ever-changing landscape of the events industry,” adds executive producer, Jen Trethewey.

Season One includes the following guest speakers:

1: Steve Sammartino – futurist & keynote speaker

2: Peter Jones – CEO Peter Jones Special Events

3: Chris Richardson – partner, Findex Group

4: Hatem Saleh – CEO, Atlantic Group

5: Anne Jamieson – CEO, Saxton Speakers Bureau

6. Andrew Mackinnon – founder and managing director, Taboo Group & Reece Hobbins – director of brand development & innovation at The Taboo Group.

Episode 1, being released on Monday, July 13, focuses on technology, the future of the workplace and the irreplaceable need for human interaction.

Special guest, Steve Sammmartino says: “This platform provides the chance to engage in more than a soundbite. To not just provide answers but to provide stimulus to thinking – to possible new trajectories and what technology can be the fulcrum to make them a reality. It seems like The Event Sessions can shine on issues which need to be discussed honestly – without knowing all the answers. Rather, trying to find a path which can helps us navigate towards them.”

Stay tuned for Episode 1 and learn more at: www.theeventsessions.com.au.