The talk of newspapers dying out aren’t true just yet, as delegates at the 12th ICRS discovered in Cairns recently.

Coral NewsFor the more than 2000 delegates attending the 12th  International Coral Reef Symposium in Cairns recently a read of the conference daily newspaper became a morning ritual with attendees given a very hands-on opportunity to review the previous day’s events, catch-up on last-minute program changes, and see what was coming up.
Created by the conference PCO, ICMS Australasia, the newspapers are easy-to-read and photo rich.
ICMS Australasia MD, Bryan Holliday, says formal sessions at conferences like this one can be very demanding intellectually “so our little tabloids provide a sense of light relief”.
“We prepare copy and take photos all day with a copy deadline of 5pm. Our graphic designer then has until 8pm to convert all the raw material into eight pages and send it to the printer. They’re delivered to the venue at 7am the following morning.
“We always engage very experienced writers, photographers and designers because we like the newspapers to look and read well, which they always do.”
Mr Holliday says he has been producing conference newspapers since 1988.
“As you can imagine back then they were very labour intensive and required a lot of driving around in the middle of the night. However, then like now, they were appreciated.
“In addition to advising of changes to the program and foreshadowing important events they can also carry advertisements from sponsors and exhibitors.
“In Cairns at the Coral Reef Symposium, most of the 2000 delegates from the 80 countries took a set home to share with
their colleagues and to keep as a reminder of a very productive and enjoyable week.”