Centium’s new `NextGen’ software is a major step forward in event management.

“For a small Australian company, we’ve come a long way since starting Amlink Technologies over 26 years ago, including launching our EventsPro software globally,” says Centium Software CEO, Trevor Gardiner.

“We’ve learnt many lessons in that time and we know what it takes to develop award-winning software. We sold the EventsPro business in 2008 then bought it back in April this year. Now we’re focused on transforming EventsPro, our flagship software, and have embarked on our visionary ‘NextGen’ project that will revolutionise the management of conferences and events.”

Taking the powerful features of EventsPro, which continues to run major events all over the world, and merging them with the latest technologies, and a host of new features and ideas, ‘NextGen’ will give event planners, small and large, the mobility of a cloud-based application and extreme user-friendliness to deliver streamlined work processes that will efficiently manage any type of event.
“‘NextGen’ will be available not only on-premise but also through the Cloud,” Gardiner said.

“With the huge advantages of Cloud computing, for example no server hardware costs, automatic backups and no downtime with online pages when your internet is down, ‘NextGen’ can be accessed from anywhere you are and still run a full working copy with all event data onsite at a conference.
“We are so confident the EventsPro ‘NextGen’ will deliver outstanding results that our pricing structure will not lock people into contracts like most of our competitors do, and we will not be charging a ‘per-attendee fee’. Our view is that a ‘per-attendee’ fee with a multi-year contract makes conference organisers uncompetitive in a dynamically changing business environment.”

‘NextGen’ is due for release in 2014 and Centium is working with the who’s who of the Australian meetings industry to verify and refine some of its revolutionary concepts. The team at Centium, including more than 30 staff who have returned to Centium from the former Amlink business, have released an updated version of EventsPro, including a Cloud Edition, which incorporates many new features. This will be the last version of EventsPro before ‘NextGen’ is released. This version is being utilised by thousands of users across the globe and is the primary system for the CHOGM 2013 meeting in Sri Lanka and a number of other major world events.
“Coming back into the meetings industry after a five year absence, I realise how much I have missed it. This industry is built on relationships and trust. I am humbled that so many customers and staff have re-joined Centium and have faith in our ability to deliver a wonderful new product,” Gardiner said.

About Centium Software

Centium is an award-winning developer of software for the hospitality industry with specialist skills in the area of major world events. Centium is based in Brisbane, Australia with customers and offices around the world.

For more information visit www.centiumsoftware.com.