November 10, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

A data and analytics consultancy Decision Inc. has released a Pandemic Travel Risk Index which provides regularly updated information on COVID case rates, vaccination coverage and quarantine measures for 10 popular travel destinations for Australians, which may help planners consider and track international destinations for future business events.

The index also provides a handy reference for quarantine measures in place in each destination, approved and recognised vaccines and the minimum cost of a round trip plane ticket.

The index shows both Singapore and the UK have high numbers of new cases per million population – over 600 – while countries like Fiji, China and Japan are tracking only 0-2 cases per million. Analysis of the data suggests, statistically speaking, travel to Thailand is not recommended for travel at the moment considering the relatively low vaccination coverage and higher case incidence.

Analysis of the data by Decision Inc. says, considering all factors, Japan, Canada and New Zealand are the best countries for Australia to travel to and have a reasonable level of freedom on arrival.

“Many of us are desperate for a vacation or need to travel for business reasons and need to know if the country’s program of COVID recovery is trending the right way,” said Decision Inc Australia CEO Aiden Heke.

“No one wants to end up in a potentially unavailable hospital bed versus a pool side sun lounge, but it is unfortunately a potential issue that travellers need to consider, regardless of their vaccination status.

“Unpredictability is a constant reality of living in a world still experiencing a pandemic, even with vaccine availability increasing across the world.

“But borders are open, and planes are set to take off again. It’s clear that people want to travel once again, if not for business or leisure then to visit loved ones they haven’t seen in two years. They just need to weigh the risks based on the available data.”