Designs on the New Zealand International Convention Centre are continuing to be fine-tuned.

The company behind the project, SKYCITY, says there is good progress being made on construction of the new build New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC).

Just prior to going to print, SKYCITY CEO, Nigel Morrison, said the Crown and SKYCITY were in the process of agreeing to a final design of the development following an 11-week review of the original design.

The review was undertaken following confirmation from the government that it would not be making any financial contribution to the cost of the NZICC.

The SKYCITY Entertainment Group agreed to review the design of the centre because the projected estimated costs of the current design were significantly higher than the $402 million SKYCITY had committed to the project. Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) chief executive Sue Sullivan believes the international convention centre is set to become a major selling point, not just for Auckland, but the business events industry throughout New Zealand.

“This new development will put New Zealand on the map, and the benefits to the region and the whole country are significant,” Ms Sullivan said.

The NZICC will allow New Zealand to bid for conferences of up to 3500 delegates – opening up a significant number of potential conferences the country can bid for.

“The NZICC will allow New Zealand to host conferences of a size not seen here before.

“It will give us the ability to tap into markets we’ve been shut out of in the past because we simply haven’t had venues big enough to cater to their needs.”

Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) chief executive Kevin Bowler has also welcomed news of the new centre.

“New convention centres, such as the NZICC, will enable New Zealand to be more competitive on the global scale – bidding for larger scale conventions which bring more delegates and more value to the New Zealand economy,” he said.

TNZ now has a dedicated team of 14 based across New Zealand and the world, working to raise New Zealand’s profile as an international business events destination.