The PCO Association has announced the National Museum of Australia in Canberra will host this year’s networking function to be held on Monday, December 1.

Peter Sugg, conference chair, said he expected delegates will embrace the opportunity to network in a museum which has preserved and interpreted Australia’s social history since 1980.

Scott Williams will be back again this year as Master of Ceremonies. He will keep the opening and closing ceremonies on track while ensuring the audience remains engaged and entertained. ‘The Doctor’ Scott Williams – Australia’s `Laughter Specialist’ has remained in the top tier of Australia’s corporate speakers for over 20 years.

Keynote Speakers to look out for include Jonathan Crossfield – social media keynote speaker. Jonathan calls himself a storyteller, because that’s easier than listing writer, digital marketer, journalist, copywriter, social media consultant, workshop trainer, event speaker and angry blogger. Jonathan has won awards for magazine articles and blog posts on digital marketing.

Michael Hann, managing director and founder of Project Engage Business challenges the way we’re educating and engaging professionals. He champions a rethink of our corporate communication systems, to cultivate connection, purpose and creativity.

Michael has conducted engagement workshops for hundreds of professionals globally and coached business leaders to successfully engage with any audience.

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For more information on the PCO Association conference & exhibition (November 30 – December 1) click here.