Queenstown’s award-winning Millbrook Resort has conditionally purchased 66 hectares of land adjacent to the five-star resort, which could significantly expand the property and see the golf course upgraded from its current 27-hole layout to a full two-course layout.

Millbrook property and development manager, Ben O’Malley, said the land is fairly rugged and due to sheep farming in the area over the past few decades, land maintenance has been limited.

“The land is a bit rough at present, however with careful planning and a lot of hard work its natural beauty can be restored and used sustainably.”

Mr O’Malley said no firm decisions on future plans for the land have been made, but the prospect of an extended golf offering is an “exciting” option.

“We’ll have a better idea of preferred options once we have Overseas Investment Office approval and have been able to consult with relevant neighbours,” Mr O’Malley said.

Millbrook’s golf and membership manager, Brian Spicer, said the possibility of expanding to a two-course layout would ease capacity issues during peak season.

“Golf tourism in Queenstown is significantly increasing and the government has earmarked funding to help in this growth area.

“In peak times we experience capacity issues regularly and so moving to a two-course layout would not only ease the pressure but also enable us to offer New Zealand’s only two-course resort complex and double our capacity.”