A roundtable forum in Hong Kong reveals issues such as transparency and the importance of service delivery within event management.


In June, micenet ASIA and The Mira Hong Kong hosted a dinner forum for Hong Kong-based event professionals from event management companies (EMCs) such as Imagination, cievents, Jenny Lie Event Management and Pico. Held at The Mira’s upscale Chinese restaurant, Cuisine Cuisine, seven event professionals in attendance got a taste of culinary excellence from a menu including pan-fried scallops in pepper wine sauce, grilled lamb chop with cumin, braised bamboo piths stuffed with black fungus and asparagus, and double-boiled Hokkaido milk with lychee purée. They were joined by The Mira director of sales and marketing, Eva Kwan, senior sales manager for MICE, Alice Mui, and sales manager for MICE, Denise Chiang.

Transparency and trust were some of the key topics discussed during the forum, which many felt the former was lacking in Hong Kong. Attendees agreed that transparency is crucial for events, and that often translated to gaining trust and cohesiveness amongst all parties involved.

“We have to deal with many parties for one event – from ad hoc freelancers, partners, suppliers, venue – and it is good to increase the transparency to a certain level, so that all parties will be able to understand the reasons for certain things that need to happen,” Jenny Lie Event Management general manager, Jenny Lie said.

One of the points brought up was the hesitation towards acquiring new suppliers, as companies worked with previously are already aware of the EMC’s or client’s specific needs and have established a reputation as being able
to deliver.
One event booker expressed the importance of a supplier making a mistake and admitting to it, stating that trust is gone the moment a supplier tries to evade the situation or make excuses.
“And how can I trust that the supplier will not make the mistake again, when he does not even own up to it and offer suggestions to rectify the mistake?” she asked.
This transparency will create a sense of loyalty and continued honesty which event organisers and their suppliers need at any moment from planning to execution,
Ms Lie said.

“Be honest about any problem and it is good to share issues, but also only with other replaceable solutions we are able to think of,” she added.
On the issue of service delivery, event professionals agreed that there should be greater collaboration between event companies and venues/suppliers. By becoming more transparent on issues pertaining to the client, they will be able to work together to create a better experience, which is often a similar goal for all parties involved.

micenet ASIA vice-president El Kwang concluded the topic, commenting: “EMCs and venues have to remember that they are both servicing the end user, and why communicating frequently helps assure the client that they are both in it for the event together.”