Enjoy ancient Korean recipes

Observe the unique culture of Korea from its antique buildings and dine on traditional court cuisine such as the Daejanggeum Table d’hote and Eojin Dinner – which are prepared using recipes found in ancient literature. Korea House is located in the central Seoul district of Jung-gu, and is nearby the Namsan traditional Korean House Village and Myeongdong. Also, Korea House’s Arts Performance has been staged over 15,000 times in 31 years and is the most time-honoured show that has been enjoyed by more than 15 million people from around the world.

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Sushi at its finest

Known for serving some of the best sushi in Seoul, MOMOYAMA is newly opened at Lotte Hotel. MOMOYAMA is inviting and lives up to its reputation of having a special alliance with famous sushi restaurant Sushiko (Ginza) and kaiseki restaurant Tamura (Tsukiji). The restaurant has the largest collection of sakes in Korea with a collection of 120 premium sakes selected by the restaurant’s own sake sommeliers. With a breathtaking view from the 38th floor and some private dining rooms for 2-16 guests, diners are in for some genuine Japanese cuisine in a restaurant that’s in a class of its own.

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VIP treat

Samwon Garden is the largest first-class restaurant in Korea which can host about 1200 guests. Their main hall alone can accommodate 200 people and they have other small-midsized rooms available. They offer a view of the restaurant’s outdoor traditional Korean garden. They have previously hosted both local and foreign dignitaries; prime ministers, VIPs from international conferences like the IPU, IBRD, and IMF.

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Dine to impress

If you’ve been searching for a dining place in Seoul to impress your guests, bring them up to Marco Polo, full operated by Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas. It’s located on the 52nd floor of the trade tower and it boasts of a magnificent view of Seoul from anywhere in the restaurant as seats are arranged in stairways and the interior showcases a high ceiling. The menu specialises in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine with some of the most raved about perfectly grilled meats in the city.

T: +82 255 97620  W:

Go traditional

Jinsadaek is a traditional Korean restaurant that serves traditional Korean course-menus in a hanok, or traditional Korean house which allow guests to transcend time and space. The restaurant is named after a house that noblemen live in. Korean traditional food featured from all around the country such as Seoul, Kyungsang-do, Jeolla-do, Choongchung-do and even North Korea. Upon entering the restaurant, dignified guests can see the big floor (maru), huge pillars, the small floor (another maru), and private rooms, which imitate traditional houses in old days. On the third floor, a beautiful hanok is reconstructed for VIP guests. Dining while listening to a nightly gayageum performance, one can truly enjoy a Korean traditional dining experience.