Visibility to drive your organization toward its vision

Ungerboeck understands that for executives, data is just data until such time that it can be presented in a form that is digestible and actionable in support of both tactical and strategic decision making. Ungerboeck’s Executive Dashboard module is focused on doing just that…providing executive level reporting which supports the specific performance measurement needs of management.

View actionable information across the entire organization

Because the effectiveness of a dashboard relies on the comprehensiveness of its data, Ungerboeck has a significant advantage over many other applications. Those applications can’t consolidate data from all the various sources necessary to get a complete view of the organization’s entire performance. That’s where the Ungerboeck Executive Dashboard is unique. Because only it contains all event related information in one single database, only Ungerboeck can provide high level strategic information by consolidating data from across the organization.

Make data driven decisions based on real-time information

Unlike manually created reports or third party business intelligence applications, the information on the Ungerboeck Executive Dashboard is generated in real-time from the operations, statistical, and financial information entered into Ungerboeck in order to manage the daily operations of your organization. With the Ungerboeck Dashboard, you eliminate the need for double data entry, reduce the chances of error, and have access to the information in real-time. This access to immediate and accurate data promotes greater business insight and more informed decision making which leads to increased revenue and lower costs.

Powered by tailored metrics

Not only can you view raw data on operational and financial information within Ungerboeck, the Executive Dashboard module provides the ability to create custom fields that allow you to perform calculations on the raw Ungerboeck data. These calculated fields can be used to do analysis suchas indicating what month, quarter and year information is related to as well as perform arithmetic calculations such as counting, summing, or averaging numerical values.

Personalize your key performance indicators

Executives can create their own dashboard to reflect the key performance indicators that are most mission critical for their management responsibilities. Each executive’s individual dashboard is the first page they see when they log into Ungerboeck putting the KPis for their team right at their fingertips.

Measure the health of your organization in hours or days instead of weeks and months

Because Ungerboeck is the source of all the event related data and is not simply consolidated summary data from other systems, executives can easily drill down on top line summaries to see the detailed data generating the summary. This ability to see the detail allows executives to quickly react to anomalies or errors rather than learning about them long after the fact.

Transform Data into Actionable Information

In addition to providing a powerful reporting tool in the Ungerboeck Executive Dashboard, Ungerboeck offers Executive Information Services in alignment with our fundamental belief that system adoption and operational effectiveness are the key drivers to achieving accurate enterprise level reporting and for providing a solid foundation for designing organizational performance metrics which can be effectively used to manage overall organizational performance.
The tangible outcome of the Executive Information Service is an easily accessible quick glance view of those performance indicators that have been deemed to best represent the current state of performance of the venue and the future potential opportunities for growth. In order to deliver this service, a USI professional services manager will meet one on one with your senior level executives to determine what elements of information are needed to assess the effectiveness of the individual staff, a department, or the organization as a whole.
“We can quickly get information that used to take us weeks to put together.” ChrisS. Director of Finance


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Integrated event management software is a tool that allows you to get more done in less time. Venue and conference managers across the globe can benefit from the extra hours they save working with a single, seamless venue and conference event management system.

In a December 2012 survey, our clients said they saved between 3-10 hours per week, per user, since switching to Ungerboeck Software to manage their events from initial contact through final billing.
Ungerboeck Software can combine the work of three or more systems into a single, airtight venue and conference event management solution, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming duplicate data entry.
Having all your account information in a single database means that all team members have access to CRM, venue booking, registration, abstract management, event planning, financial, reporting, mobile apps and more – in real time.
Our clients said they spent less time cleaning up data and running close out reports between multiple systems and more time building better, stronger and more profitable relationships with clients.
Now, what would you do if you had an extra 10 hours per week?

Available in six languages, Ungerboeck Software drives increased revenues and reduced costs for over 35,000 event professionals in 50+ countries. Ungerboeck supports its worldwide client base from its world headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and regional offices in Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany and France. Visit for more information. Get more done with Ungerboeck Software International.




Ungerboeck is the world leader in end-to-end venue and event management software for conventions, exhibitions, conferences, associations, universities, stadia, arenas and theaters. For most organizations, Ungerboeck software delivers the capabilities of three to five separate software packages at a fraction of the cost including room scheduling and conference registration, CRM, booth sales, booking, CAD floor plans, budgeting, event management, operations, financials and more. Available in 6 languages, Ungerboeck software drives increased revenue and decreases costs for over 35,000 event professionals in 40 countries.

Ungerboeck supports its worldwide client base from its world headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and regional offices in Karlsruhe, Germany; Lyon, France; Brisbane, Australia; Guangzhou, China; and Hong Kong. Visit for more information.