By Brad Foster

I happened to be in the Sydney CBD on Tuesday. Remember that place? Where people used to go to work?

Well, I’m happy to say the CBD vibe is back. The people are back. And so too is the desire to leave those cubicles and celebrate something… anything.

As I walked down George Street around lunchtime, Justin Hemmes’ Establishment had a queue of finely dressed people lined up waiting to go inside. Inside, others were already seated at tables, champagne in hand.

Nearby I watched as a two-man crew from Hire Intelligence unloaded a mega flat-screen TV and stand and carried it into an office block.

I witnessed a local sushi restaurateur smiling as she handed over platters of her finest fare to two youngish ladies, one wearing a fascinator. It had probably been her biggest day in months.

The George Street TAB was heaving, as were the spattering of sit-down restaurants surrounding it.

So what does it all mean? Fingers crossed, it means that THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Heads down and bums up for over six months in isolation and we want to get out. We want to celebrate the wins we’ve had at work and in our personal lives.

It’s taken a horse race to do it and now, I think, we’re on the way back.

Yes, travel is off the table right now, and we won’t be seeing any international tourists for some time to come, but the signs are there that we will and can get through this.

Because we want to get together. In fact, we need to for our own wellbeing.

Christmas will be the bigger test of just how much we want it. I hope the city is jumping; the restaurants and hotels are full. And, after seeing what I saw on Tuesday,  I really think it will.

Bring it on I say! And bring on 2021.