January 28, 2022 | By Joyce DiMascio | Image: Jill Covitz and business partner Luke Cook

One of the things that distinguishes our industry is the strong ties and friendships between colleagues and peers.

And because of this, our collective heart is broken following the sudden drowning death of Jill Covitz on the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday.

In recent times, Jill was Head Barista of Talent, Producer and Chief Experience Officer at Cuppa Of Life and FUNLOCKA. Prior to this, she was Director and Founder of TCM Events where she worked for around a decade.

An exuberant personality, widely respected and loved, Jill had a stint as Executive Assistant to Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin and involvement in Olympic Games related activities in Altanta, Georgia in the United States.

Originally from the US, she came to her much loved Australia in 2003.

Her family and friends are in shock at her tragic death and there are countless messages of condolences across social media from colleagues in the events industry who worked with her over close to two decades.

Her Instagram account reflects her vibrancy and love of life and the people that surrounded her. Her love of fitness including running and swimming is also evident. She was committed to social justice and was on a fundraising mission to support Indigenous Australians.

The ABC reported that Jill was unconscious when found in the water at Marcus Beach and efforts to revive her were unsuccessful.

Business partner and friend, Luke Cook said the two were about to launch a new project and he was in complete shock at the news.

He said on Facebook that Jill was a “complete gift to the world”.

“You were by my side through the roller coaster of business and life!”

Former Merivale executive, now industry consultant, Kathy Savill says she first met Jill in 2008

when she worked for Cambridge Events and it was the launch of the movie “Australia” which was held at ivy.

“As many describe her, my first impression was a complete pocket rocket with a headset on and an incredible capacity to get things done, all with a distinctive laugh and that huge smile.

“What I will remember her for is her kindness, genuine care and interest, passion for life and the events industry and a brilliant sense of humour.”  

Paul Boustani, Global Manager of Workplace Experience Journeys, says he knew of Jill and her amazing work long before they met.

“She had a reputation for being positive, friendly creative and a connector of people and honestly, after getting to know her, I can say that her reputation didn’t do her justice.

“I will always remember Jill’s creativity, generosity, resilience, passion for life and ability to make magic happen,” he said.

On behalf of micenet and its readers we extend our deepest condolences to Jill’s family and friends in Australia and overseas. The world has lost a good person and our industry has lost one of its stars.

Vale Jill Covitz.