November 4, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier | Image: New owner of Arinex, Nicole Walker | Image: Oneill Photographics

Founder and Chair of event management company Arinex, Roslyn McLeod OAM, has announced that she passed ownership of the company over to current CEO Nicole Walker in July this year.

Walker became CEO of Arinex in April 2020 and McLeod says over the last two years Walker has proven she has what it takes to become owner of the company.

“In 2019 Nicole reshaped the team and set the mission, vision and values in place and has stuck to them.

“With an acute sense of good business tactics Nicole has empathetically and appropriately redesigned the structure of Arinex and reshaped the team into less numbers but with even more expertise and management abilities.

“This was essential to prepare the company for what was to come albeit unexpectedly.”

“Grooming the talent within has been a wonder to watch,” said McLeod.

Having been attempting to retire since 2010, McLeod was keen to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership and has indicated she will stay involved with the company she founded almost 50 years ago, after joining the industry as a tour guide.

“I believe we make time to do what we want.  I will always have time for Arinex so will not fade away immediately.”