February 9, 2023 | By Bronwen Largier

The first Australian Hydrogen Research Conference (AHRC 2023) is taking place this week in Canberra, highlighting the role of conferences in advancing and accelerating progress on critical issues for the planet.

PCO Arinex is delivering the meeting at the Australian National University, which has attracted over 330 researchers from universities, industry and government to discuss the role and potential for hydrogen in the pursuit of neutralising carbon emissions in Australia.

“In order to accelerate the development and the creation of hydrogen applications such as the production of green steel, an enormous amount of research will be needed across a range of disciplines from science and technology to human and social sciences,” said AHRC 2023 co-chair and ANU professor, Ken Baldwin.

“By comparison, the global liquefied natural gas industry took many decades to develop – but climate change doesn’t allow the world that timescale for the hydrogen economy to be realised.”

Arinex is the first event management company in Australia to be certified carbon neutral by the Australian Government’s Climate Active initiative and the business has delivered several events with strong sustainability credentials, either through subject matter or as carbon neutral events.

“Not only are the discussions at AHRC 2023 enormously important for our environment, they will also help support and create jobs in the hydrogen industry,” said Arinex managing director Nicole Walker.

“As an organisation with a strong focus on a sustainable future, we see this topic as pivotal and we are so pleased to play a role in facilitating the work of these bright minds.”