March 3, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier

ICC Sydney’s second iteration of its plan to celebrate, collaborate with and build respect for Australia’s First Nations people launched this week at the first Business Sydney First Nations Forum, with new commitments building on those of the original plan.

“Our vision for reconciliation is one where collaboration and partnership foster greater inclusion, opportunities and recognition for Australia’s First Nations people,” said ICC Sydney CEO Geoff Donaghy.

The new plan commits to working with First Nations businesses and communities through its supply chains and community networks, engaging stakeholders with First Nations people and cultures through its Legacy Program, actively engaging with educational providers and community partners to attract and develop First Nations employees and increase cultural competency amongst its wider staff.

“As an iconic destination, which stands and operates on the traditional lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation – on Tumbalong, the land, and Gomora, the water, what is known today as Darling Harbour – ICC Sydney has a unique opportunity to foster and promote reconciliation,” said Donaghy.

Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council deputy chair, Councillor Yvonne Weldon, commended ICC Sydney on the grass roots launch of the new plan.

“Across this Country, my people have come together to continue our traditions, practices and ceremonies for over 65,000 years and we are continuing to do this, with, in and alongside ICC Sydney,” she said.

“As a prominent location for local and international visitors, ICC Sydney has a unique opportunity to educate and inspire its audiences to connect with Australia’s First Nations.

“The initiatives that ICC Sydney has committed to across employment, economic development and cultural education are great examples of how the cultures, heritage and history of our First Peoples can be celebrated and continue to be widely promoted.”

ICC Sydney’s director of corporate affairs and communication and chair of the venues Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group, Samantha Glass said the centre’s reconciliation work was more than an opportunity.

“We have the great privilege of welcoming people from around Australia and across the world and for many, their experiences at ICC Sydney may be their first in Australia – whether in person or online. We believe we have not just an opportunity, but an obligation to celebrate and acknowledge Australia’s First Nations.”