Program manager of Google’s event technology team, Chris Tillman, is kicking off Day 1 of The Event Show Sydney seminar program (August 25) with a presentation on practical technology strategies that will empower your events.

micenet contacted Chris for some details about him and what delegates can expect from his presentation.


Q. How long have you been at Google?

A. I’ve been with Google since 2006 starting at the internal help desk, moving to executive support in 2009, and finally to events in 2012.


Q. What is your position?

A. I’m one of four program managers on Google’s event technology team.


Q. What does your role entail?

A. I am responsible for managing IT planning and execution for a varied portfolio of Google events. I work closely with Google’s events and experiences team to provide the infrastructure, knowledge, and tools to bring their events to life with technology. In practical terms, that means gathering technology requirements, evaluating venue capabilities, and putting together a plan to get from idea to execution. Often this requires sourcing uplinks from ISPs, soliciting bids from event networking vendors, or working with our operations team to deploy shows on our event networking platform.


Q. Your topic at The Event Show Sydney is entitled, ‘Event Technology – Strategies for Empowering Events’. Can you give a brief outline of what attendees can expect to hear in this presentation?

A. My goal is to cover some universal strategies and concepts that event professionals of all types can use to bring their event visions to life with technology. Delegates should expect a focus on enabling connectivity and communication, as well as practical examples of how Google has used these strategies in the past.


Q. What are some of the “takeaways” attendees will receive from your presentation?

A. I hope they leave the keynote with an understanding of why connectivity has become so critical to events, highlights of the technologies we use to empower events, as well as some practical tips for any agency or event professional to maximize technology impact.


Q. Why do you see events as such a powerful marketing medium?

A. Events can engage people in ways that other mediums can’t. Products can be touched and demonstrated, speakers can connect with delegates at an intimate level, and immersive experiences can push the envelope of communication and branding.


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