By Brad Foster

Experience agency Fourth Wall is urging companies to go ahead with end-of-year parties, launching Christmas In A Box to help them do so.

Christmas In A Box offers a tailored and curated experience to host a celebration that can either be managed by companies, or fully delivered by Fourth Wall. And attendees don’t even have to step outside their homes.

Fourth Wall’s managing creator, Jeremy Garling, said Fourth Wall’s teaser campaign, which ran for two weeks titled #SaveTheParty, sums up the inspiration behind the new product.

“We see the possibilities that the pandemic has enabled for bringing people together and know it is vital to do this in 2020 more than any other year,” he said.

“In fact, by opening the lid on what the ‘end of year party’ can be, we have come up with a new way of achieving them while borders are closed. With Christmas In A Box there are no barriers to uniting people and seeing the world in your home.

“With Christmas In A Box, you can have your teams from around the globe celebrate at once, have talent you’ve only ever dreamed of, feature acts and experiences from around the world and most importantly, the chance to acknowledge all that your team has been through this year.

“2020 needs to end with on a high and we are helping our clients achieve that across the globe.” said Mr Garling.

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