May 2, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier | Image credit: Turtle Island Fiji

Two of Australasia’s near neighbours have simplified their COVID entry protocols, with both Fiji and Malaysia dropping the requirement to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to travel from yesterday.

Malaysia is also dropping the requirement to have a test after arriving into the South East Asian nation, while those entering Fiji still need to book a supervised rapid test within the destination to be taken within three days of arrival.

These rules apply only to fully vaccinated travellers. Unvaccinated visitors remain barred from Fiji, while in Malaysia they are required to undertake pre-departure and on-arrival COVID tests in addition to quarantining for their first five days in the destination.

For conference and incentive planners, this makes organising events in these destinations ostensibly easier, however, as with each easing of restrictions, the new freedom continues to place the responsibility for keeping events COVID-free in the hands of organisers, with daily COVID-19 case numbers still high across Australasia.