NAME: A fast and furious incentive ride

TYPE: A global incentive reward and conference

THEME: This year’s theme was ‘The Fast and The Furious – Experience the Extraordinary’. The fast and the furious was a call to action – they need to work hard to get to global. Experience the Extraordinary is what happened when they got there. The theme was inspired by the Singapore Grand Prix.

BY: cievents

CLIENT: Flight Centre Travel Group


Gardens By the Bay – West Lawn for the Flightfest Welcome Night

Sand Expo & Convention Centre – Marina Bay Sands Level 5 Ballroom for Gathering (conference)

Sand Expo & Convention Centre – Marina Bay Sands Level 1 Expo Hall A,B,C for Global Gala Awards Dinner & After Party

PAX: 3300

No. ON ORGANISING TEAM: 5 key people in the lead up, a team of 34 on-site, split between operations and production.

BUDGET: The event is heavily sponsored and could not be done without the sponsors’ generosity, they are recognised in various ways throughout the event depending on the level of sponsorship.



Flightfest – Secret Garden was a garden festival event. Top-tier global sponsors had interactive areas such as a garden maze with a central gin bar, a glow garden, F1 simulators, a Little India experience, photo booths, body painting and dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots so we could make sure social media played a big part. There was a DJ early in the night and then after some brief formalities, Peking Duk followed by Basement Jaxx. Delegates were given a branded singlet, a floral headpiece, fairy wings, an LED necklace and a pouch for room keys etc. Fireworks topped the night with Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop.

Gathering – we had three wide screens which gave us over 55 metres of surface to project onto.  We also had 340 separate video files and approximately 40 videos edited to create a fast-paced, edgy conference. Three amazing internal MCs held it all together with costume changes, voiceovers, awards segments, dancers, DJs,
a drummer as part of the 2017 destination reveal, updates from the CEO and two
extraordinary speakers: Fatima Bhutto and Jeb Corliss.3

Global Gala Award Dinner – with a palette of black, petrol blue, silver and a pop of red, an industrial, glamorous, grunge, garage feel was created. To
overcome the large pillars in the room, we wrapped them in LED panels – the content highlighting the winners’ nations was in sync to the keynote on the eight screens around the hall. The dinner was set in the round with a unique stage façade lattice design and lights shining through. Hamish Blake and Andy Lee were the MCs for the evening.A strong dance troupe broke up the 60 awards with bespoke performances.

Along with this, the cievents logistics team was managing the moment of 3,300 delegates from around the world with registrations, flights, transfers, accommodation and directional staff on the ground. A destination training component enabled delegates to explore Singapore on foot and a CSR component that saw FCTG people from around the world give 30 minutes of power to put together 30,000 nutritious,
high-protein meals to be distributed to those in need by Food Bank Singapore.



One of the biggest difficulties this year was our Welcome Flightfest Night held in the 4
Singapore government property, Gardens by the Bay. Government approvals, lack of infrastructure and heat were the main challenges.

A large event of this scale in a public space owned by the government required a range of approvals to get it off the ground, as well as keeping other local stakeholders in the loop so they had the opportunity to voice any concerns. We had to be particularly careful with our paperwork.

Challenged with protecting the site, a 9000-square-metre patch of grass, and creating the garden festival, we had to overcome obstacles such as no water, no power and vehicle movements only allowed overnight on a very narrow pathway. We worked around the clock for the bump in/out and build to complete the huge infrastructure required to stage and host the 3,300 delegates

The heat during the five-day build was a physical challenge for all involved, as the temperature hovered between 34 and 40 degrees with 95 per cent humidity. Rain and thunderstorms lashed the site every day, but on the night the skies were clear!



Lead time helped to manage some of the challenges and difficulties.

Government approvals needed a lot of leg work from the outset – from the start of the process doing research on what we needed to our final approvals weeks before the event was a six-month-long process of submissions and event reviews. Lots of guidance from the Singapore government agencies and Gardens by the Bay helped see us through the process, as well as dogged determination at times.

With the actual site, we had to brief all suppliers, security and anyone who worked on the site. A large security force was needed for truck movements – we had a lot of big trucks with open top containers for waste, cranes for loading generators etc. Soft ground and bogging was a real issue as grass damage would come at a cost to us. Open communication with the management team at Gardens by the Bay was essential – we were in touch dozens of times a day around the activity on the site.

It was a team event – everyone who worked on the site was committed to the long and hot hours, the need to always have the site clean, tidy and fit for public view as well as accommodating all the special and unique challenges that come with executing an event offshore.



SPECIAL TOUCHES: This year we had a competition for the nations to design their own team badge. We then took the winning designs and created nation track tops – think Olympic teams. 3300 jackets were distributed worldwide for all delegates to wear as they travelled to Singapore. They were encouraged to wear them to the conference and on their chair was a matching cap to complete their outfit.

Signage around the venue was exciting and immersive, inclusive of branded room keys, a large digital banner across the escalators and starting race lights to signal time to enter for the initial gathering.


CLIENT COMMENTS: “‘Thanks’ doesn’t go anywhere near enough to cut it, but just wanted to thank you all for doing such a brilliant job on Global. You are truly talented and I hope you get some time to revel in your success.”