Bryan Holliday argues there are challenges aplenty for employers and employees in the meetings sector.

One of the current challenges confronting service companies, particularly in the meetings industry, is to try and maintain a balance between the efficient and speedy response to client demands whilst at the same time ensuring that all staff don’t become overloaded in the process. This challenge becomes even harder when dealing with clients based overseas.
Another major challenge facing organisations and individuals today is in trying to successfully manage work continuity alongside the considerable demands of raising children. As most family units rely on two incomes, it is extremely common for new mothers in particular to want to return to work, at least part-time, after a few months of home-based activities. Retaining good staff is not only desirable for any organisation but is also vital for economic and social reasons for the individuals involved.

One of the best ways I’ve seen to harmonise the worlds of work with life outside work, is for the people who work part-time to indicate which days they’re in the office on their email signature. I’ve yet to hear anyone complain about this initiative. Naturally, if there are emergencies or matters that need to be addressed urgently, then alternative solutions have to be found.
Although the “founding fathers” couldn’t have predicted the ways that modern communication technology has infiltrated into every aspect of our lives, at least they had the foresight and wisdom to ensure that it never was allowed to completely dominate our very existence.