Events by Luxperience

If you’re having your delegates sit in a room watching a PowerPoint presentation, you’re doing it wrong. Recent studies show that organic experiences, multidisciplinary meeting design and fully customised programs are the way to boost engagement and ultimately provide a higher return on investment.

The future of luxury travel is shifting towards transformational experiences that associate directly with a traveller’s aspirational self-identity. And high-end events are following the trend. Attendees should be inspired, educated and motivated to change their world when they walk out the door.

Organisers are turning their focus to non-traditional locations, authentic encounters and immersive participation – backed up by top quality food, exceptional service and the latest technology.

At Events by Luxperience we tap into this trend. The new VIP Corporate Showcase will present the best spaces, providers and destinations for premium business events and corporate meetings that combine luxury, creativity and immersion.