January 21, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier

Major international airline Etihad has launched a sustainability program aimed at corporate travel, which could help companies reduce the environmental impact of incentive travel.

The new initiative, Corporate Conscious Choices, gives corporations the opportunity to invest in sustainable aviation fuel, add green surcharges to corporate travel tickets to offset emissions from flights, earn Corporate Conscious points through business travel to carbon offset flight emissions.

“Sustainability has been at the top of Etihad’s agenda as the most significant long-term priority of our business for a long time now; but it is more than just a business priority,” said Group CEO of Etihad, Tony Douglas.

“It’s a social responsibility, as the influence organisations have on society as leaders, helping consumers make sustainable choices in their everyday lives, is a duty and obligation of doing business.

“We have put a lot of focus on what governments and regulators should be doing to battle climate change, but the fact is we need corporates’ help and there is an equal responsibility for corporates to do what they can to reduce their own carbon footprint, while leading by example to help consumers to live more sustainably.

“All corporates and organisations need transportation, whether it’s for travel or their supply chain. Our aim with the launch of Corporate Conscious Choices is to recognise those corporations that take the most sustainable actions through rewards and recognition.”