In 2016 Sydney’s premium events company Dockside Group turns 30 and the team that specialises in hosting elite events knows the perfect way to commemorate the occasion!

Generous hospitality comes naturally to the founders, brothers Christopher, Theodore and Peter Drivas and business partner Robert Van Meer. Learning from their father early on, the three brothers exude the true traits needed to build a successful and prosperous hospitality business, which continues to thrive three decades on.

Thirty years since their launch, Dockside Group in 2016 boasts an elite collection of iconic waterfront venues all on Sydney Harbour. The collection of venues began with the opening of WatersEdge restaurant in Walsh Bay in 1986. Since then Dockside Group has grown dramatically and added many elite venues and restaurants to their collection.

In 1998 Dockside venue in Cockle Bay Wharf was acquired followed shortly by L’Aqua perched on the Rooftop Level of Cockle Bay in 2001. In 2006 Darling Harbour locations, Star Room and Ice Cube seafood restaurant were added to the collection, now known as the beloved Eat Love Pizza. In 2007 Italian Village joined the group in the picturesque Rocks location, followed quickly by the acquisition of Waterfront and Wolfies in 2008.

In 2014 Dockside Group won the official catering rights to the Sydney Convention Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island and became the largest running food and beverage operation in Sydney. Still innovating after 30 years, Dockside Group continues to break new ground, or in this case, cause a big splash in the water, welcoming Dockside Pavilion into their collection of venues in August of 2014. As Dockside Pavilion floated into Darling Harbour it quickly was recognised as Sydney’s largest floating event venue.

Dockside Group are leading developers in the hospitality industry with exciting initiatives such as the Campbell’s Stores development in the near future and the announcement of their exciting mystery location for Dockside Pavilion in 2017!

This year Dockside Group have exciting plans to commemorate 30 years in business. Using the year to celebrate, Dockside Group’s 30 year campaign involves giving back to the consumer to say thank you for the many loyal years of business.

Managing Director Christopher Drivas says: “Thirty years in business is an incredible achievement for any company. The fact we are family owned and operated is something that gives us great pride. To celebrate this achievement we say thank you to all who made it possible, especially our beloved clients who allow us to do what we love. Their support is the reason Dockside Group continues to grow three decades on.”

While celebrating the past, it is clear Dockside Group looks forward to a bright and very successful future.